What to Wear to an Interview/Job Fair

While May 2012 graduation is months away, the challenge and nervousness of finding a job is already here. I did attend a few campus employment workshops to lessen the anxiety and overall I learned that first impressions are key when it comes to meeting with potential employers. A suit is often the most appropriate for an interview, but women have a little more leniency in what they can wear. Here are 4 interview attire basics:
1) A dark, solid color hijab that matches your suit (stick to interview-safe colors like black, dark blue, or gray).
2) A well-tailored suit, or trousers & blazer. Spend the extra–it’s worth it. Skirts work, too, if they are professional and not casual.
3) A light colored blouse
4) A pair of well-polished shoes (low-heel pumps are the standard, but simple professional flats should be fine).



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