Bright, Colorblock, and Maxi!

C&C California Colorblock Maxi Tank Dress

Never thought I’d find a dress that could so perfectly combine all three trends. Because there’s a lot going on with the dress, I would match my undershirt/cardigan with the top lilac color (so it blends well), and pair it with a neutral-colored scarf and sandals.

What do y’all think? Way too much? How would you style it differently?


Cheaper Deals

Feeding off my last post, I will start posting cheaper and just-as-cute pieces that I come across. This week’s splurge or save:

Splurge                                                                                                 Save

Forever 21 Tie-Dye Maxi, 29.80

Hive&Honey Tie-Dye Maxi, 69.00

Save or Splurge?

If you spend minutes contemplating buying a pricey maxi dress or an Alexander Wang t-shirt, consider these tips below that I find quite helpful.

Save on:

Fads and styles that won’t last long: cropped cardigans (or cropped anything), wedge boots, boho handbags, graphic tees.

Pieces that can easily be found cheaper: tights, scarves, sunglasses, flip-flops.

Splurge on:

Must-haves: solid color flats, good quality jeans or trousers, spacious handbag.

Pieces that can go with anything: maxi dresses and skirts in solid colors, button-down blouses, cashmere cardigan(s).


When you really just want to treat yourself. After all, what’s the worse that can happen?