The Best Button-down Blouses

After searching online and through various clothing stores, I’ve found the best button-down blouses for your buck. Even the pricier ones are worth the money, as these tops are versatile and comfortable. Button-down blouses are perfect for work, a walk on the beach, or a downtown stroll. They can be paired with wide-leg trousers, thrown over a maxi dress, or tucked into a long, flowy skirt. But, don’t limit yourself to the classic plaid or crisp white; go for something floral or with a crazy bold print, like Zara’s African Print Shirt.

The Best Button-down Blouses

African Print Blouse – 59.90 (
Shirring Casual Blouse – 11.99 (
3/4 Crepe Top – 16.99 (
Silence and Noise Silk Blouse – 69.00 (
Straight Cut Blouse – 12.95 (

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