Cheaper Find of the Week: Rag & Bone Newbury ooties

In my humble opinion, Rag & Bone’s Classic Newbury Bootie is the perfect go-to fall/winter/spring shoe. With a moderate heel height and a classic style, these cowhide booties can literally be paired with anything. Although they are quite versatile, the price is not so ideal—the famous Newbury bootie starts off at $525 at most retailers. You might be able to find them cheaper on, although they will probably be used. Instead of trying to hunt down a discount on the Internet, take a look at Nine West’s almost identical Charnel Bootie for 99.95 at DSW.

Ok, there are some obvious differences. The Newbury bootie is 100% cowhide; the Charnel bootie has a leather upper and synthetic sole. The Newbury bootie features a paneled shaft while the Charnel bootie doesn’t. Nonetheless, for almost $400 cheaper, the Charnel bootie does the same trick and is still a classic, ultra chic boot (see comparison chart below).

Nine West Charnel Bootie, $99.95 (Left); Rag & Bone Classic Newbury Booties, $525 (Right)




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