About the Blogger:

I’m Tahirah, a senior at UNC-Charlotte majoring in English and technical writing. I love to write and spread information. When I come across a nice shirt or a good sale, I like to tell other people, which is why I created this blog. I’m also a bargain shopper and occasional splurger.

About the Blog:

All things related to fashion and Muslim women. Tips on how to wear a sleeveless dress to shopping on a budget.

Disclaimer: The topic of modesty and the proper Islamic women’s attire has been an ongoing discussion, with interpretations differing and ranging from culture to religious sect. I do not claim to hold the complete or proper understanding of the Muslim woman’s hijab.  Even though this blog will reflect my tastes, and my tastes  will ultimately reflect my opinion, the agenda of the blog is to not promote a specific understanding.  I only wish to share tips and pieces I come across that I feel others will find comfortable, affordable, and appropriate.

Let us try our best and may Allah forgive us.

How to Contact:

I’m always open to comments and questions. Send your thoughts to: tahirah1988@yahoo.com


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