Summer Marsala

Pantone’s color of the year, marsala, may seem more appropriate for the fall and winter. While Pantone chose marsala as its color of the year due to its warmth, you can still rock this dark, rich color during the summer. Here are some unconventional marsala-toned summer favorites you can wear and still be cool.



How to Make Wide-leg Trousers Appear Long and Lean

A pair of sleek, wide-leg trousers can easily look frumpy if not worn properly. Wide-leg trousers can also be a worry for short people (like me) because wide-leg pants tend to shorten and widen legs. If you’re petite, or just unsure of wide pants, use these four tips to make your legs appear long and slim in wide pants.


Wide leg pants

1. Go to a Tailor. Pants too long can make your outfit seem sloppy. Take your wide-leg trousers or jeans to a tailor and have them hemmed an inch or two.

2. Wear a heel. No, you don’t have to put on a 5-inch stiletto or wedge. A small heel, as low an as inch, can add length to your legs. 

3. Choose straight, wide-leg trousers. Straight leg trousers already have that tailored look and instantly slim your thighs and legs.

4. Tuck in your Top. Like pants that are too long, a long shirt paired with wide pants can look sloppy. Tucking in your top can easily polish your look and add length to the bottom half of your body. If you’re worried about too much of your backside showing or don’t like the tucked look, try tucking in just the front or one side of the blouse. Tucking in the front or one side does the same trick.

Modest and Stylish Rain Boots

Clunky, polka dot rain boots don’t pair well with much in your closet–and quite frankly, are a bit last season. Polka dots, stripes, and dated patterns are being replaced with chic and modest boots that are stylish and versatile. These boots can be worn under long dresses and skirts or over jeans and still look quite reserved. If black is too dull for you, check out Anthropologie’s Charlie rain boots with the cute, white bow.

Modest and Stylish Rain Boots

Workout Wear That Can Motivate

It’s hard enough getting out of the bed to exercise, and finding cute and comfy gym attire can be another ball game. If not having “anything to wear” has been your lack of exercise excuse, consider these tips when shopping for workout wear:

Look for brighter colors. Dark colors like black and gray may be safer and hide sweat, but can be a bit dull.

Add pizazz with a graphic tee, ruffles, or patterns. Try not to go overboard. Just a little detail is enough for a workout.


Choose fit and breathable materials. I’m not talking Jane Fonda spandex, but too loose can pose a safety hazard, especially on gym equipment. Choose pants that cuff, light jackets that zip up, or shirts that slightly snug, like Old Navy’s GoDry tees (shown below in neon green).