Bright, Colorblock, and Maxi!

C&C California Colorblock Maxi Tank Dress

Never thought I’d find a dress that could so perfectly combine all three trends. Because there’s a lot going on with the dress, I would match my undershirt/cardigan with the top lilac color (so it blends well), and pair it with a neutral-colored scarf and sandals.

What do y’all think? Way too much? How would you style it differently?


Don’t Put Up Your Maxi Dresses

Worried about how to wear your maxi dress in the winter? Worried it’s going to look too “summery” or that your legs are going to freeze? Don’t put them to the back of the closet yet, because there are plenty of ways to wear your long, bright, floral dresses. All you need is four basic pieces:

1) Cropped jacket (dark colored cardigans or a denim jacket will do perfect for the cool months).

Look for a cropped jacket that is dark with a rougher material  (like suede or faux-leather). This will balance out the softness of your dress and give your outfit a winter look.

2) Long-sleeve thermal T’s (which you probably already have).

3) Thick leggings in different colors and cool patterns (especially if you’re wearing flats–or sandals).

4) Knee-high boots (ankle boots work, but aren’t as warm).