My Favorite Jumpsuits

An entire outfit You can’t beat that! Here are just a few of my favorite, long-sleeve jumpsuits.My Favorite Jumpsuits

Looooong Jackets

Loooong coats and jackets are in this winter. I was first a little hesitant to wear one, considering that I’m quite short. I think the trick is to definitely go slimmer on the bottom and make the jacket the focal point of your outfit. Looooong Jackets

Mini Over Maxi

 I’m sure you have (like I have) walked right past mini skirts in the stores. They probably seemed useless. I’ve seen cute mini skirts with nice prints, but I would immediately think “Oh, well, what am I going to do with that?”.
Well, I may have found the answer: wearing a mini skirt over a maxi skirt or dress. This look can easily look overwhelming, so I suggest going for a straight-down maxi and a looser mini. I think I’ll give it a try and post what happens when I do.

How to Style your High-low Dress

Wear your High-Low Dress in the Winter!
High-low dresses and skirts can seem difficult to style, considering that they are designed to show off your legs. Instead of shying away from this trend, embrace it by pairing that uneven dress with a pair  straight-leg jeans or another skirt. Just make sure the underskirt is slim-fitting so you don’t add too much extra cloth.